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Introducing bespoke, high quality apps for your business. Whether you are self employed, a limited company or an SME.


Why Do I Need An App?

Keep Connected

With push notifications, instantly inform customers of news, promotions & offers delivered straight into their pocket!

Mobile Age

Apps account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites. The world is moving towards apps, are you ready?

Customer Retention

The average smartphone user looks at their phone over 200 times a day... Shouldn't you be on their screens? Prepare to be just one tap away...

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Launch Your App

The time has never been more perfect to join the mobile revolution, and to cement your business into the digital age. Design your very own app with cloud enabled features such as Loyalty Cards, Discounts & Offers, Push Notifications, Galleries & many, many more!

I'm Ready! Takeaway Apps

How Do I Start?

  • 1

    A member of our team will be here to guide you through the whole process. Start by choosing what pages and features you want your app to have, you can find out all of our features here.

  • 2

    Once we have received all of your app assets (logo, images etc.) & design spec, we then pass this on to one of our app developers who will get to work on making your very own mobile app!

  • 3

    Once you are happy with the final design of your app, we will get to work on submitting your app to the major app stores for you (Google Play & Apple App Store). When Apple & Google have both reviewed your app and are happy to distribute it, we will then issue you with marketing materials to help you spread the word about your new app!


App Support Plans

Design & Development £795 - Includes FREE submission to Google Play & Apple App Store!

For takeaway app pricing, please visit here

Small £8.95 /pcm
    5 App Pages
    Limited Features
    Basic Support
    Push Notifications
    Reports & Analytics
Large £24.95 /pcm
    Unlimited App Pages
    Custom Splashscreen
    Priority Support
    Push Notifications
    Reports & Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my own custom features?

All of our apps are based around our Features & Modules that we have created at Appliam. We understand that sometimes people want bespoke, custom made features in their app. We can accomodate these bespoke features, to get a quote please Contact Us and we will be able to help!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, BACS & cheque for the initial app design fee. However, for the reccuring monthly support plans we use PayPal as our payment processor. We do this as PayPal are the most secure & convenient online payment processor. Don't have a PayPal account? No problem! They are free and take less than 2 minutes to set up!

Can I change my plan later?

You can change your monthly plan at any time, however this will incur a charge as the app will have to be updated to suit the new plan features. For example... you decide you do not want push notifications anymore and wish to change to the basic plan, we would have to chnage the apps code to remove the push notifications and resubmit the app to both app stores.

Do you have a contract?

No. All of our app plans are contract free! All monthly payments are processed using PayPal, making them secure, quick & easy to cancel at any time! Simply log into your PayPal account, go to subscriptions, select Appliam App Support, click cancel & you're all done!

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